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Supercomputer IBM Watson called the Apple Watch the most desirable new year’s gift

Gifts for the New year — fussy and not so pleasant thing, because before you go to the store, you should estimate the variants, the number of which is directly proportional to the size of the number of friends and relatives. To choose will help the supercomputer IBM Watson.

The supercomputer, or rather, running on the IBM Watson app Trend, using a set of special algorithms, analyzed numerous sources of network — posts in social networks Facebook and Twitter, posting on blogs and forums, reviews and articles, to name the most discussed gifts of the season. Because they spark more interest, we can assume that and give them more actively.

Based on understanding natural language and machine learning technologies indicated that the most desired gift for the New year are the Apple Watch. In total, the list of 100 items, which can be divided into three categories: electronics, toys, health. Fully explore the list on our website or in the application of IBM Watson Trend, which is available only in the version for iPhone and iPad.

The temporary researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology pushing the limits of computer technology. They taught Watson supercomputer, the brainchild of IBM Corporation, to communicate with users in simple, non-scientific language, and even to be creative. Engineers thus try to change the way people think about computers as emotionless machines. However, the main goal of researchers is to teach electronic equipment creative thinking, and thus help users to effectively solve the tasks.

The study’s authors believe that Watson is ideal for such training because the supercomputer is equipped with a question-answering system of artificial intelligence and can understand the questions presented in a natural conversational rather than formal language.

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