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Super Sharp – cut once

The main, perhaps the moment all puzzles: the sudden understanding that this problem can be solved exactly. In those few seconds as if the brain receives after-hour massage; incredibly pleasant feeling. Super Sharp throws those situations every few minutes – after half an hour of communication with the application feel incredibly brainy individual.

The basic idea on which the whole Super Sharp – carved figures. Hangs in the air, say, white square, and at the bottom white square is smaller. From the large square, you can cut off a slice, but so that the clout went in a younger comrade. Of course, the whole body (Quadrato-?) movements are calculated by the physical act – at least, the illusion of this. That is, in principle, the whole point.

The game, of course, this is not limited to: soon conditions become tougher. Changing colors – if you’ve figured I cut some white defendants, soon there will be new: red, blue, yellow. Complicated and design level have rotating shelves, squares filled with helium and other life spoiling things.

The essence of the whole game – the same feeling when guessed. Super Sharp is not easy and occasionally painful stumble on the laws of physics: he does not get to get to the desired point, well though burst. One try, two, three… Yes! Most of the levels, incidentally, are passed on sheer luck – by some miracle accidentally cut off a piece flew to the right place.

Special chic – to complete a level in one touch. In addition to feelings of superiority to this feat adds a bonus star and she needed to open the next set of levels. However, stars need very little; in this respect, Super Sharp sparing refers to the user.

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By the way, about the levels. A lot of them – more than 100. If to prolong the pleasure (or desperately blunt) – enough for a week or two. A good length for a game that costs two dollars, don’t you think?

The only problem is Super Sharp – but the gameplay here, in fact, nothing more and not. No, yet beautiful, the visuals (graphics it’s difficult to name; visual) but no the usual stuff for this kind of project in Super Sharp no. On the one hand, great – micropayments will not prevent to enjoy the game with other – it would be desirable, for example, to compete with your friends. Or – at least! to boast of the results. No hints and tips for inattentive users: if you get stuck somewhere, do not rely on yourself. Or on YouTube.

So you have to be mentally ready for that Super Sharp will only play – nothing more. However, it’s great, isn’t it?

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