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Super Mario Run will require a permanent Internet connection to protect against piracy

In the game Super Mario Run will be used online copyright protection system. As it became known, Nintendo will require players to constant connection to the Internet to play a single player game.

About this in an interview with Mashable said Shigeru Miyamoto — the famous game designer and the Creator of the game franchises Mario. According to him, the developers have implemented a special protection system, which is offline activation, a common alternative to full purchase, will replace the online license check, so the game will require a constant connection to the Network.

Developers of defense stated that Super Mario Run was originally planned for release in this form. The project will be compatible with the system of unified accounts Nintendo (Miitomo).

Super Mario Run is a mobile version of one of the best videogames in the history of the industry. In the version for iPhone and iPad the game belongs to the genre of “runner” and focused on control with one hand in a vertical position.

In the game the character is constantly moving through the levels, using a variety of jumps. Mario behaves differently depending on touch, so the opportunity to show off a particularly smooth movements, gather coins and reach the final flag is in the hands of the player.

Today Nintendo released a new video game about a plumber Mario. The developers hope that the project will repeat the success of Pokemon GO when it debuts on iPhone and iPad. The release is scheduled for December 15, simultaneously in 150 countries.

Super Mario Run will be available for download for free. However, for access to all levels will have to pay 749 rubles.

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