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Super Mario Run for a few hours after the release broke into the top App Store

A few hours after release in App Store game Super Mario Run made the present furor among fans of the legendary arcade game about an Italian plumber.

Almost instantly Super Mario Run took first place in the world tops: for example, the American branch platformer admitted the highest grossing and most popular free application in app Store. In Russia, the game took the second place among the most popular free apps.

Yet Super Mario Run is available on iPhone and iPad. In stores the game is marked as free, the first four levels and it is really available to everyone, but to play further you have to buy access to the full version for $9,99 (749 rubles in Russia).

No in-app purchases, timers, and advertising in the game. It is not an endless runner, and a full new Super Mario optimized for play on mobile devices.

The main mode in Super Mario Run is divided into levels-the route, the passage of which is 90 seconds. The road block traps and enemies, and to collect all the coins will have to stay and thoroughly poraskinut brains how to get to them.

Automatic running in the game — not a simplification but rather a complicating factor. The level design here is no worse than the “full” parts with Nintendo, but only one here not allowed to stop and calculate a responsible jump — all you need to do the first time, thinking through complex trajectory on the run.

At the end of each world (every four levels) gamers will have to fight with the bosses. The principle is simple — to Dodge attacks and inflict three hits by jumping to the enemy on the head.

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According to preliminary estimates, Super Mario Run brings developers more than $500 million profit for the third quarter of 2017. In the first month the game, according to the forecast, will generate $140 million.

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