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Submitted 2 popSlate case for the iPhone with an unbreakable screen E Ink and an extra battery [video]

In the U.S., a PopSlate case of the second generation with built-in monochrome display based on electronic ink, which makes the iPhone very similar to the YotaPhone. The accessory allows you to display the home screen at any additional time, maps, images, screenshots, emails, messages. This black-and-white display turns off even if you sit the battery in the iPhone or the PopSlate 2.

popSlate 2 created on the same principle as that of the original model. Will be available version of iPhone models 6/6s and iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus. Of cases for smaller devices diagonal electrophoretic screen is 4.3 inches, and the larger 4.7 inch. In both cases the density is 200 ppi. You can also note some bend of screen. In addition, the manufacturer claims that the display is unbreakable.

2 popSlate developers propose to consider it as a “wearable gadget” – only smartphone. In addition, the novelty is certified under the program MFi (Made For iPhone), which means officially approved by Apple for production.

Using a special app users can transmit on the E Ink display any content. With the smartphone case connects via Lightning. This is due to the presence of case its own battery, which should be enough to do 9 hours in the talk mode for Plus models, and 6 hours for a smaller iPhone. And PopSlate remembers the last submitted content: by clicking on built into the case button to switch between images. Regarding the dimensions, the case will add to the extra thickness of the iPhone 6,5, or 4 mm depending on the model.

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Was popular PopSlate first generation, unknown. The developers have already launched a campaign to raise funds for a better model. At the moment, has already collected $250 000 at a requested $75 000.

The cost for campaign members is $70, while the retail price would be $130 and $150 depending on the model. Mass production popSlate 2 will be launched in July.

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