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Study: the rich choose iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, dominates in poor regions

Line of Samsung Galaxy smartphones is the most popular in the Google ecosystem, it was ahead of the model all the other Android manufacturers. Resource WebpageFX has dedicated a whole article comparing gadgets of the South Korean brand and the iPhone. As they say analysts, the Galaxy series is popular due to the large number of available smartphones, but not because these devices are better than iPhone. The reason for the success lies not in sales of top-end expensive models, like the Galaxy Note 7 or Galaxy S7 edge, and due to budget decisions.

Analysts made a map of the us States in which popular iPhone. It turned out that the regions with the highest average level of income of the population, such as Alaska, Hawaii, Connecticut, new Jersey and Massachusetts prefer Apple devices. Here, the proportion of iPhone exceeds 50%. In poor States like new Mexico and South Carolina share the iPhone is only 35-40%.

“Is the cost of iPhone – the iPhone 7 Plus is on sale for $769 – obstacle for people with low incomes? Most likely, although some models of the Galaxy are no less than the Galaxy S7 will cost $695. The difference is that Samsung offers Galaxy smartphones in different price ranges. You can buy Galaxy J3 for $199, while Apple sells the model more affordable than the iPhone 5s”.

An earlier edition of the Register carried out a study to find out that the client is poorer, the greater the probability that he will choose Android, but rather a device that works on this OS. The leaders in the spread of the “OSes” by Google are the markets of India and China. In the US, smartphones with Android increasingly African-American and Hispanic people whose income is much lower than “white”.

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IPhone market share depending on the level of income

The market share of Samsung smartphones depending on income

Experts indicate that in markets with high purchasing power dominates iOS. The share of iPhone in Taiwan is approaching 70% (the country is on the 19th place in the world for GDP per capita) in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Australia exceeds 60%.

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