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Study: tablets and computers do not spoil the children vision

“Don’t sit close to the TV – will ruin the vision”. Do not count how many times parents say this to their children. Because they know: screens harmful influence on the eyes. Like, myopia and, hence, the need to wear glasses – it’s them damned. However, as discovered by American scientists, the charges from the screens it would be necessary to remove – they do not spoil the vision. At least, kids.

Researchers from the Ohio state University 20 years watched children from 6 to 11 years, noticing how much time they spend at computers and televisions. Checked their sight. And have not found any connection.

Just the sight of scholars, forgive me for the pun, got almost 5,000 children. They looked at a variety of screens, including tablets, which have changed during the study. But even the most antediluvian did not spoil sight. As well as the distance to the screen does not affect the development of myopia.

The main reason of myopia, according to scientists, it is a violation of curvature of the lens associated with eye growth. And the best prevention – walking: the more time a child spends outside, the less the likelihood that he will bad eyesight.

In recent days, this is not the first highly original discovery. Recently a team of scientists from universities New Zealand, Canada and the USA released the results of the study, according to which the use of marijuana by a woman during pregnancy, has a positive effect on the eyesight of the future baby. Positive impact is noticed to 4 years.

Despite the positive impact on the visual system, marijuana negatively affects other sections of the brain.


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