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Study: only 38% of users of the Apple Watch would advise them to your friends

“Smart” watches Apple, according to some, already has sold about 7 million units. It is more than sales of any other company during the same period. But this does not mean that the product kupertintsev surpasses all of its competitors. According to a survey conducted by the analytical company UserTesting, only 38% of users of the Apple Watch would advise to buy the Apple Watch to friends and family.

Analysts surveyed 52 owners of portable computer. It was found that the majority of users are satisfied with the device, however, only 38% of them would recommend the purchase to their friends. 35% undecided and 27% would not recommend the Apple Watch to your friends.

Respondents said they were dissatisfied with the quality of apps on the device – they are complicated and slow compared with native Apple developments. Respondents see in a smart watch Apple great potential, but consider the feature of the application is the main problem, which makes the device useless and annoying.

Commenting on the report, Vice President UserTesting Michael Mays stated that this result is not particularly significant because the respondents have so far been few people. However, he advises Apple to reconsider its policy regarding software for the Apple Watch.

The lack of native third-party applications is one of the most controversial features of hours. That is, while there is not a single program that works directly on the device. All existing software is processed on the phone and the watch are the only external control module and data display. But during the announcement, Apple promised that its own apps for smart-watches will appear in the future.

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Earlier this month at WWDC 2015, the company officially announced a new version of the operating system watchOS 2, and SDK for the device with the ability for developers to create native device application. They get access to all sensors, sensors hours and even to-wheel Digital Crown.

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