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Study: one in every five people forget smart phones in bars

About 90% of users in Russia ever forgotten in bars apparel, accessories and that much more dangerous mobile gadgets. It is reported to ESET with a link to the results of their own research.

The survey participants were asked to choose the answer to the question “What are the things you’ve forgotten at parties?”. The most common missing – all kinds of accessories: hats, scarves, gloves, and goggles, umbrellas, etc. These objects were left in bars 60% of the respondents. Not the worst option, as in this case, the forgetfulness will lead to colds.

The second most popular answer is not so harmless. 18% of respondents admitted that they had to leave the party without a smartphone, tablet or even laptop. In this case, the user’s confidential data at risk, even if the devices set a complex password to unlock or use the fingerprint scanner.

10% of respondents come to the party with panache and dedication. 5% of them were forgotten in bars bag with all the valuable contents, wallets, purses or important papers, and another 5% left the institution without clothing or shoes.

No less creative are celebrating the holidays by UK residents. According to the international survey ESET, the staff of the British bars were found at the workplaces of the forgotten child, an inflatable sheep, and even an urn with someone’s ashes.

Only 5% of participants of poll of the Russian proudly said that never forget anything. Another 7% chose “his version” and shared in the review of experience “bar loss”, among which we can mention the salary, underwear and conscience.

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