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Study: Mac users more often use social media for Dating and sex

On the eve of Valentine’s Day “Kaspersky Lab” found particularly romantic behavior of Russians in social networks. Analysts found the specific to the virtual life phenomenon: the behavior of users depends on what device they choose to exit in the social network.

According to the study, “How social networks affect our lives and mood,” Champions among users of different devices here Mac users: 24% of them admitted that they use social networks to find a pair, and 28% are looking for there sexual partners.

Also, users of Apple computers more actively tell others on social networks about her romantic adventures: more than half of them (52%) admitted that they do not neglect this opportunity. Behind them is the MacBook owners — among them was 36%. The average figure for this parameter was slightly more than 14%.

But as social networking has affected the personal lives of those who already have a partner? A third of Russians (35%) admitted that thanks to the social networks of their relationship with their spouse has improved. The most happy were those who sits at a desktop Mac: among them, the proportion was 50%. This may be due to the fact that Mac users and communicate with your partner prefer through social networks. 44% of them choose this method of communication with loved ones, while among the average respondents, his fans were only 35%.

“We have not noticed how virtual actions began to affect our real life, including relationships with loved ones. Of course, in some situations, social networks are a boon: they give the chance to communicate more with those with whom you cannot be together. But do not forget about the risks of such communication: corrupted and even destroyed by social relations — not a myth, so we need to be very careful what you share and how it may be reflected”, — quotes the words of Cnews Andrey Mahala, head of the consumer business, “Kaspersky Lab”.

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“Kaspersky lab” reminds us that social networks should adhere to certain safety regulations, in particular, should not publish too much personal information in the public domain (telephone number, geotag to your home address, passport and Bank card) — it can be exploited. The company also suggest to beware of suspiciously alluring proposals and never to forward messages, photos and videos of intimate content: they can be used for blackmail.

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