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Study: iPhone owners refuse to meet with Android users

IPhone owners refuse Dating with those who use smartphones running on Android. To such conclusion analysts of the service survey of 5,500 users in the United States.

The experts observed the peculiarities of people’s behavior in social networks and made an interesting conclusion. According to the study, 21% of owners of smartphones iPhone look negatively on users of mobile devices on Android and have no desire to go on a date.

While those who prefer devices on the operating system Google, a negative look at those who buy iPhone. These study participants were about 15% of the total number of users “phones”.

Scientists have suggested that the reason lies in the price difference of the devices on these platforms. IPhone owners can have a negative watch on owners of Android-devices, as the feeling of financial superiority and don’t want to deal with users of cheaper devices.

The researchers also found that people some times think they should go on a date or not, if you know a potential partner, for example, the phone’s cracked screen. Also, users take into account such factors as sense of style, healthy teeth and grammatical errors are possible in the second half.

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