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Study: every third smartphone user Samsung wants iPhone

A recent survey indicates that Apple remains the most desirable brand among smartphone users. Despite the fact that the market share of Android is several times higher than the share of iOS, the preferences of the buyers remain on the side of the “Apple” brand. In reality, people buy “phones”, as they are more affordable.

According to the GlobalWebIndex study, the owners of Samsung often stare on the iPhone. Every third smartphone owner of South Korean brand looks “on the side”.

“Currently, Samsung is likely to tell you that I want to buy an iPhone and not a new smartphone Samsung. The iPhone, by contrast, is more loyal to the brand – only a quarter of them said that does not exclude the purchase of the phone Samsung”, – stated in the study.

According to the report, the respondents ‘ answers vary in specific regions. For example, in Europe and North America Samsung users remain loyal to this brand, whereas in other regions, buyers are inclined to sell the Samsung and buy an iPhone.

Earlier it became known that Apple is testing several models of the new iPhone 7 with different technical characteristics. In one of the experimental models of the Lightning port replaced with USB-C. the Other is used for testing the function of wireless charging, dual camera and a fingerprint scanner built directly into the screen. According to media reports, the verification is also the multi-version features Force Touch, which allows to evaluate effect of taps on a few sections of the display simultaneously.

In late November, the sources said that Apple plans to drop the iPhone 7 from the traditional 3.5-millimeter audio Jack for headphones, replacing it with a universal port. This innovation will allow to make the iPhone thinner.

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