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Study: every second user iPhone “does not represent the life without a smartphone

Research Agency Gallup published the results of a survey of American consumers, who were asked the question: “You agree that I cannot imagine my life without a smartphone”. To choose you one of two answers – “I Agree” or “disagree”. It turned out that you can’t live without my phone, about half of the respondents. While most from smartphone addiction affects owners of iOS and Android.

Among those who can not imagine their existence without the communication device in his pocket, most addicts were women ages 18 to 29 (58%) and 30 to 49 years (54%). Among men about an irresistible attachment to the smartphone announced men in return from 18 to 29 years (45%) and 30 to 49 years (43%).

More other dependent were iPhone owners. Those among them was 52%. In second place are the owners of Android-devices with the result of 43%. Least feel attached to smartphones, the owners of devices with Blackberry and Windows Phone – 27%.

Interestingly, the smartphone, which is so important for half of Americans, mostly used to find out the weather forecast. In addition, a third of users regularly watch video on it, has about the same read the news.

In a previous study it was found that the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can become an addiction similar to drug and alcohol. “The use of technology activates in the same brain mechanisms of reward systems that are activated during the consumption of alcohol and drugs, and can also cause the same symptoms withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety, anger, irritability, anxiety, depression, confused thinking,” said psychologist clinic Dubai The LightHouse Arabia.

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