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Study: Apple Watch owners complain about limited functionality, but every second is going to buy Apple Watch 2

According to a study of the market “smart” hours from Wristly, the level of customer satisfaction Apple Watch reaches 97%. In order to provide a more objective view about the new product experts chose to communicate with users of the gadget, which turned out to be dissatisfied with their purchase.

According to Thg, 89% of the 330 respondents, dissatisfied with smart clock Apple was unsatisfied of the proposed Apple Watch value / benefit. 80% of the Apple Watch owners complained about their limited functionality. And not the last role was played by the lack of GPS module and cellular modem. Criticized users and a weak battery, adding to their shortcomings and the low performance of the gadget.

53% of respondents “annoying” function activation screen Apple Watch. But despite all these shortcomings, users are reluctant to part with the disappointing gadget. So, 65% of owners of Apple Watch in steel casing left my watch in your Desk drawer, 12% returned Apple watch, 18% sold the device, and 5% gave it to family members. Slightly different statistics observed among the owners of more affordable modifications Apple Watch Sport: its place in the drawer found only 50% of the time, 17% of the gadgets eventually returned to Apple, and 24% was sold, and 9% donated.

In addition, Wristly were able to interview about 70% of the initial sample and found that 30% of owners of Apple Watch continues to use the watch, despite their dissatisfaction with them. But even more interesting is the fact that every second Respondent, despite the negative attitude to the new product, going to buy the second generation Apple Watch.

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