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Study: Apple Pay users are experiencing more problems and spend less than the users of Samsung Pay

Despite the fact that Apple Pay is the most popular payment system on the market, the results of recent studies indicate a relative low user satisfaction. In particular, according to this indicator, the Apple payment system is inferior to Samsung.

Analysts at Auriemma Consulting Group (ACG) decided to compare the services from Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. As a result, they concluded that 92% of users satisfied with the service. But among users of Apple Pay were satisfied with slightly less, 84%.

Also, the preponderance was on the side of Samsung Pay, in the case of amounts of transactions. The average South Korean users of the platform spend per week $82, while the “Apple” of the payment system, the rate is $75.

Samsung Pay is the only payment service on the market that allow smartphones to work with the usual terminal intended only for cards with a magnetic strip. This greatly expands the range of potential users.

Also important is the aspect of ease of use. Only 19% of users of Samsung Pay faced with various challenges when trying to pay for the goods via a smartphone, whereas among those using Apple Pay 31%.

However, as noted, Apple Pay took the lead in another discipline. 33% of smartphone owners iPhone with support for the payment service I use it in varying degrees. Among the owners of smartphones Samsung that support Samsung Pay, enjoying it less — 23%.

The ACG study involved more than 2,000 people in the United States.

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