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Study: Android smartphones are better protected iPhone

The device on the Android operating system is protected better than the iPhone. To such conclusion researchers at Zscaler.

Modern mobile platforms are sufficiently protected, however, completely eliminate data leakage they are not capable. The smartphones know about their users very much. The purpose of the study was to find out where the user’s personal data are more secure.

As it turned out, in the case of “phones” information leakage through mobile applications occurs in 0.3% of cases of transmission of the data, and with smartphones Apple — 0.5% of cases. The analysis showed that the software for both platforms disclose metadata about the device and the location information.

When it comes to really personal data, that is, those that are uniquely associated with a particular user, here in iOS, the situation is much better. Thus, in the total amount of data lost from your iPhone, personal data has a share of 0.2%, and here for Android smartphones — 3%.

Also interesting is the geographic cutoff: 70% of apps that leak data from iOS devices common in China, Android-smartphones in the US and UK, the report said.

Experts from Zscaler to emphasize that about half of the developers not check their own applications for vulnerabilities.

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