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Study: 80% of iPhone users regularly delete the contents of their smartphones

A world leader in the production of flash drives SanDisk decided to find out how most iPhone and iPad users allocate memory in their devices. The results of the study proved to be very interesting.

In the experiment involved more than 5,000 residents of Europe. 80% of respondents told that they have to regularly delete the contents of your igadzhetov, to free memory.

The majority of users are much more willing ready to say goodbye with photos than with applications. There are 43% of the total number of participants. Those who important the software, some less – 40%. Moreover, approximately half of all respondents clears the contents of the device at least once a month.

A few words about the photos. For example, to get 1 GB of space on average is required to “erase” some 500 images.

As to the content of the photos, everything is even more interesting. In the first place by popularity – friends. On average, three quarters of the photos stored on the iPhone, is occupied by photos of friends. In second place – relatives (70%) and children (58%). By a small margin followed by a selfie (57%) and commemorative events (50%). Least images of animals, they occupy the last place in popularity – 44%.

Non-obvious for many, the fact that more women than men prefer to photograph themselves on the front-facing camera.

In addition to photos, most iPhone and iPad owners prefer to keep on devices music and home video. Books and working papers occupy a tiny percentage of the total volume of stored data.

It should be noted that a small amount of free space is able to “protect” users from the desire to make a few extra photos or make video. The majority of respondents ignore the use of cloud storage services. 5% of users do not retain a backup of their devices, naming as the main reasons for the lack of time and forgetfulness.

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