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Study: 70% of iPhone users prefer Google maps

At WWDC 2016, Apple introduced an updated design of the app Apple Maps and announced the opening of its mapping service to third-party developers. As reported in the company’s report Fluent, at the moment among iPhone users the most popular mapping service Google maps.

The survey polled 2,000 American adults. Google Maps gave the preference almost 70% of respondents, Apple Maps has chosen 13% of iPhone users.

A year ago at WWDC, Apple CEO Tim cook said that the owners of smartphones use Apple Maps was 3.5 times higher than the next leading mapping application (Google Maps). In the current year, the company did not share this information.

The results of a study conducted Fluent, in contradiction to Apple. According to analysts Searchengines, that may be three explanations:

  • Data are erroneous and not representative.
  • A year later Google maps was to use more than iPhone owners.
  • Apple Maps dominates, because it is a default app on iOS devices.

The opinion expressed and the behavior of users may vary, which may be another explanation for the discrepancies. However, a significant gap between Google Maps and Apple Maps, which revealed the study Fluent, quite unusual.

In iOS Apple has sold 10 updated interface proprietary map service and support extensions. For example, the OpenTable app can be noted on the Maps of restaurants where the user booked a table. And in such services as Uber and Lyft, users can book a trip directly from the Cards. Thanks to the new analytical functions of the Card user better understand and navigate a route through the places he is likely to visit, based on his daily routine and marks in the calendar.

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When the route planned on the map you can locate gas stations, restaurants, cafes and other establishments the road and learn how to increase the time of the journey taking into account stops.

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