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Students gathered a giant hamster wheel of 36 boxes iMac

U.S. students found something to entertain yourself on the weekend. Armed with 36 boxes from under the monoblocks Apple, they built a giant hamster wheel, which swept across the campus.

To collect design turned out to be due to the fact that the iMac boxes beveled faces. Taping them with duct tape enthusiasts are received wheel height in human growth. The principle of operation of an impromptu vehicle is that when someone in it runs inside the wheel rotates and thus moves on the ground.

Who came up with this idea to use the box from the iMac, is unknown. However, the design is quite durable – withstands the weight of an adult.

Enthusiasts used the packaging of the computers purchased for the needs of the institution. When you consider that the average price of the box on eBay is $ 50, to create designs on their own, they would have spent about $ 1,800. Enough for a new Mac.

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