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Strip: an effective solution to the problem of slippery smartphones [video]

Owners of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s know how slippery it is dangerous to use the smartphone with one hand. The chances of dropping the device. The original solution proposed start-up Nathan Cobb.

Last year Apple released iPhone in a new form factor with rounded body and large display. In day of the beginning of sales of new products has become a virus movie about a young Australian who bought “six” one of the first and dropped it on the sidewalk on live local television.

After that it took only a few days that social networks have accumulated dozens of posts of owners of the iPhone, has held the smartphone in their hands, and their friends and relatives. The reason for jokes in some cases was the decline of iPhone in the toilet. There was even the claim that the iPhone 6 is made more slippery than the previous one, and therefore need to be especially careful when sending messages and tweets from the bathroom.

The most common solution is the purchase of protective covers and cases, which, no secret, spoil the design of the device. In Nathan Cobb believes it’s wrong. They called his decision “an effective alternative covers for beautiful phone”. Their idea is applied to the side faces of the two smartphones non-slip silicone strips. Their product they called the Strip.

The Strip approach is quite effective: the accessory does not spoil the design of the iPhone and makes the phone easier to use, dramatically reducing the risk of dropping the device from his hands. The new product is suitable for all models of Apple’s smartphones, including the iPhone 6s Plus, and any other phones with a similar problem.

For 15 dollars you can buy 4 pairs of strips Strip. To leave a pre-order at this link.

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