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Street Steve jobs in Paris won’t: why government changed its decision

The streets of Steve jobs, which was to appear in the South-East of Paris, now will not. The proposal was blocked by the Communists and “green” from the municipal Council of the French capital.

According to the French resource the opportunity to give some new names the streets of Paris appeared in connection with the establishment in the XIII district (South-East of the city) a new incubator for IT projects called Station F. the Creators have positioned it as “the largest town startups in the world”: 34, 000 square meters of office premises provided for the creation of 3 000 jobs.

The mayor of the district XIII Jerome Qom suggested naming one of streets resulting from the construction of the town, by the name of Steve jobs. Against this idea is actively made by the deputies of the municipal Council “green” and the Communists. They stated that they do not wish to be one of the streets of Paris was called by the name of “tax optimizer”.

Some left MPs immediately sent the “friends” — via iPhone and iPad – messages about the triumph of justice.

“Steve jobs has changed our daily life… And I do not propose to call out the name of the Apple”, — said the opponents of Jerome Qom, but his arguments were not heard. Two weeks later, on 13 November, when the municipal Council of Paris claimed the final list of the new toponymic units, “Steve jobs” is not even brought to a vote. Bruno of Gwyar, first Deputy mayor of Paris, explained that “lack of consent” within the left coalition (which has a majority in city Council).

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Communists and environmentalists, citing his disagreement with the proposal to call out the name of the Creator of Apple, explained this by the fact that the Corporation people are paid “low wages”.

It is worth Recalling that in October 2016 the mayor of Paris, socialist Anne Hidalgo came to the opening ceremony of the giant Russian “Orthodox spiritual and cultural center” in Paris. And did not refuse the invitation, citing what salaries are paid to employees in Russian state institutions, and well-known practice of withdrawal of funds from the budget in the country. The cost of the centre, according to conservative estimates, has cost the Russian taxpayers 170 million euros.

As for the IT-incubator Station F, it will open in March 2017. New streets in town were named after Alan Turing (1912-1954, one of the founders of computer science), grace Muller Hopper (1906-1992, Creator of the first compiler for a computer programming language), Betty Holberton (1917-2001, one of the developers of ENIAC, the first electronic digital computer General purpose) and Karen Spark Jones (1935-2007, the Creator of the concept of the weight of the words inverse document frequency (IDF), which is used in search engines).

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