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Street Fighter IV Champion Edition as hopelessly to spoil a good game

We all know that mobile fighting games – something from the category of toys of Satan: management is terrible, crunch fingers, tired eyes, vestibular system suffers. So the developers go to all sorts of tricks: either turn the game into a single-celled entertainment, where everything is solved. (Mortal Kombat X), or in the form of a personal feat has manage, delighting all of us (Shadow Fight). Authors mobile Champion Edition has chosen a third way: left terrible management, mangled beyond recognition schedule. Read how one port can turn a powerful hit into a lifeless trash.

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition is a great game. If you have a gamepad or any of the consoles last generation, be sure to buy yourself this fighting game. You will be glad to break other people’s limbs, to enjoy the extravaganza of flowers and colors, to learn combos and have fun with friends. In the mobile Champion Edition you will only suffer.

In the first place, nobody bothered to question management: the authors just copied the gamepad buttons, moving them on top of the game. Who at least roughly imagine how the combination in fighting games, he is now quietly whined in terror. Yes, it should technically stick to pull, at the same time hollowing out the rhythm on the touch buttons. Perhaps you have even some work- with the fifth, seventh, tenth times. It is possible that you even run so far to multiplayer, where will be the spirit of the old school to hand out with turntables. But all these feats have to do, wearing impenetrable dark glasses.

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Because Champion Edition looks horrible. Horrible. HORRIBLE. It’s kind of unimaginable trash, a mockery of all who play on a smartphone (perhaps we deserve such an attitude, but still!). From colorful and whimsical original (which was released almost ten years ago) there was nothing left. Background – the background that Street Fighter has always been a special pride – now static. He smeared across the arena, as if plastered with mud and disgusting looks. Soldiers themselves are clearly taped over the rest of the game, because around them is flowing such a “ladder” that it is impossible to watch without tears of blood. Trailers and official screenshots a little time – view common user gameplay and be astonished. There will be a dead back, characters with a resolution of about 320×200, but as a sweet pill still vivid special effects. To play in it. To pay 379 RUB – in a fit of fever.

The funny thing is that the original Street Fighter IV (not Champion Edition) was released to mobile seven years ago. And looked exactly the same, only did not work on iPad Air 2, and iPhone 3GS. Seven! Years! By the standards of spermologos mobile entertainment industry – it took something like a couple of millennia. And after these years, everything is the same, static background, ladder, low resolution, stupid management, weird main menu.

People often complain about the graphics of mobile games relative to the price of the most mobile. They say, gave for smartphone like, two consoles and office laptop, and my pixels are fed. Example Champion Edition shows once again – no one cares about the parade of high technology, and dematiaceae processors and overclocked GPUs need only to ensure that manufacturers have differed from each other. Purchase a smartphone for 70 thousand? Congratulations! Now sit down on a bench to rest and calm play Clash of Clans. No you did not promise expensive exclusives, console-like graphics and some games the difference of the flagship from its budget counterpart.

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