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Strategy Cossacks 3″ will be released on Mac

The company GSC Game World returns to creating games with the continuation of the legendary series “the Cossacks” and is preparing to release the third part of the game. “Cossacks 3” will be a remake of the first issue. At the same time, it will get updated graphics and a new story. To install the game can not only PC users, but Mac users.

The GSC founder Sergei Grigorovich emphasizes that the Studio intends to create not a sequel, but rather a rethinking, a remake of the first Cossacks with the same beloved gameplay. Gamers will find improved graphics on a new engine and a new story campaign. “We do think that many players who in 2001 were too young, missed the “Cossacks”, and will be impressed by the gameplay of this classic RTS”, – said head of PR Valentin Eltishev.

The goal of developers is to recreate the atmosphere and style of the original parts of the popular series. “Every soldier on the field rooting is a separate unit with its artificial intelligence and their combat options. In most RTS units are combined into groups, and you can only manage these groups. In Cossacks 3 will be able to control every single soldier, or, for convenience, to allocate the units. And he and the other option will be useful for research and capture enemy buildings and artillery,” said Eltishev.

Key features of the project: five historical campaigns, multiplayer mode, 12 countries, including Russia, France, England, Ukraine and Austria with their characters, units and features, the ability to manage the individual units and the importance of the landscape for fights.

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The release date of “Cossacks 3” is not yet known, but the project is going to run until the end of this year on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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