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Strategy adventure Lara Croft Go out on iPhone and iPad

Square Enix has released a new turn-based strategy adventure Lara Croft Go. Mobile puzzle game now available on iPhone and iPad on Thursday, August 27.

Unlike other games in the series, Lara Croft, the new project is not an action Packed and beautiful atmospheric RPG with elements of adventure puzzles, and mesmerizing soundtrack.

In fact, this simple mobile game Hitman Go. But if the latest gameplay was incredibly sketchy and giving “pumped” version of chess with figurines and static environment, that Lara Croft will Go and an animated character, and dynamic environments, and a more pleasing design. Remains unchanged objective – the main character must get from the starting point of the route to the final, collecting important items.

Only if in the case of a bald assassin had to Dodge and hide from the figures-the enemies, then Go to Lara Croft, the main opponent will become unstable environment. The game features 75 puzzles spread over 5 chapters.

Strategy adventure was released in the App Store with a price tag of 279 rubles. Lara Croft Go “weighs” 416 MB and is compatible with all devices on iOS 7 and above.

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