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Strap for Apple Watch appeared 25 times more expensive than its cost

When the cost of the cheapest strap for smart watches Apple Watch at $49 it cost approximately $2,05, reports Reuters, citing a report from research company IHS. Thus every fifth buyer of the Apple Watch is even and a spare bracelet for wearable computer.

Black sport band is the most popular accessory to smart watches from Apple, says the research firm. In second place is leather Milanese mesh bracelet $149.

Users who decide to acquire additional straps that alert add to a considerable amount. The cost of the bracelets to the Apple Watch comes to $449 for a metal strap with links Link bracelet. There are also leather Leather Loop, Classic Buckle, Modern Buckle at the price of $149, $149 and $249.

Buyers choose the expensive straps to turn Apple Watch from concise everyday accessory into something more luxurious. In addition, interchangeable bracelets allow you to successfully connect smart watches with different outfits. Under a business suit, you can choose an expensive strap and gym wear simple rubber strap. Anyway, extra strap significantly increases the cost of the kit Apple Watch and makes consumers spend on a novelty much more.

As experts Kantar Worldpanel ComTech: “It is pure psychology. I start with a minimum investment, and then spend more money and get something else.” However, analysts stress that the profit derived from the sale of straps, for a California Corporation is only an additional benefit, not the purpose. The most important thing is that stylish choice of interchangeable straps significantly enhances the appeal of the Apple Watch in the eyes of consumers.

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Apple has not officially announced the results of sales of the Apple Watch, but according to Slice, by the middle of June, the company sold 2.8 million Apple Watch units of different models.

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