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“Strange” design of iOS 11 – main feature of iPhone 8

In June, Apple held the WWDC conference for developers, presenting the new operating system iOS 11. At first glance it may seem that “OS” is not very rich with innovations, from the point of view of design, but it is not.

If before the regular application interface refinement and minimalism, now is the headers and other elements become bigger and fatter. The design language of most of the programs made in the style of Apple Music and Apple News iOS 10.

Thin fonts have been a hallmark of iOS 7 and minimalist design in General, but now Apple hard moving away from them. In iOS 11 basic system fonts are SF SF UI Text and UI Display. The first covers all sizes up to 19 PT, and the second from 20 PT. UI Text is thicker at smaller sizes to maintain readability and style of the original San Francisco and Helvetica Neue. UI Display – thinner font, but the updated iOS apps 11 it combined with the bold.

In iOS 11 apps Phone, Calls, Notes, Mail, Messages and others got more headlines and more bold lettering. The combination of an action-Packed style to the main text and thin for subheadings in the interface not only provides a simple perception of information. According to graphic artist Mike brown, the transition to the new design language in iOS 11 is connected with the upcoming anniversary release of the new flagship Apple.

The iPhone 8 the company first refuses the LCD display in favor of OLED panels, which previously only used in the Apple Watch. Screen organic led offers several advantages, in particular flexibility and arbitrary shape of the screen. But most importantly, it is a deep black color due to the lack of illumination.

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“In this light, the choice of a strange design for iOS 11 is quite understandable. In the dark interface, bold headlines will Shine brightly on the background is completely black panel, which will improve readability and will create an impressive look, which will effectively highlight the text on the rest of the contents of the screen,” said brown.

In 2015, Apple design chief Jonathan Ive in an interview with the New Yorker admitted that he likes OLED display for Apple Watch. This screen creates the impression that the UI elements “float in space”. For comparison, he included iPhone 6.

“Illuminates the entire display, said Ive. – For me, it looks very outdated”.

11 and iPhone iOS 8 needs to bring to life the vision of a modern smartphone Jonathan Ive.

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