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Stolen from the Brits iPhone via iCloud sends weird pictures

A resident of the UK trying to find your iPhone photos are regularly obtained after the theft of a smartphone. The new owner of “Apple” device just wasn’t smart enough to disable the Internet service that allows you to upload new photos in the Internet. Thanks to the synchronization features images immediately appear on a mobile device, the previous owner iCloud.

After the residents of the UK Rachel Turnbull stole the iPhone, it tried to recover my photos via iCloud. To the surprise of the girls, her photo on remote repository was not, instead, there began to appear a selfie of a female stranger.

19-year-old resident of Glasgow stole the Apple, when she returned from a nightclub. The girl was walking home, suddenly it was surrounded by flower sellers and began to offer her obsession to buy them. Approaching the door of the apartment she realized that her iPhone had disappeared from his pocket.

“I burst into tears, because the smartphone were photos of family gatherings, pictures of my friends and Pets that I have done for many years,” says the Briton.

After a few days Rachel and I bought a new iPhone and tried to recover my photos via iCloud storage. What was the surprise of the girl when she saw that her photographs destroyed and replaced with two new photos, which were sealed with an unidentified woman and a man.

Of course, there is no evidence that these people stole the phone, Ms. Turnbull. But in the picture the man holds in his hands two instruments, and it is suspicious.

Rachel has posted weird pictures on social networks, and after some time one of the users she received a message that his phone was stolen by these people.

British woman hopes her story will help other young people to be more careful with expensive gadgets. The girl gave the pictures of the suspects the police and believes that this will help to catch them and prevent new crimes.

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