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Stole iPhone selfie lovers become stars of the Internet

A resident of Pennsylvania, you probably will not be difficult to return the stolen iPhone. Teens suspected of stealing suffer selfie-obsession and dependence on social networks that their and “destroy”. This writes Fox6Now.

August 14, with Kelly Jones was an unpleasant story. The American women from the city of Bentleyville (Pennsylvania) stole her purse which contained her credit cards, wallet, camera and two iPhone. The bag she absent-mindedly left on a Park bench. After a half hour, when she came back for my things, they found only a bag, no purse, no camera, no iPhone it was not.

The woman was ready to accept the loss, however, suddenly on her iPad were loaded via iCloud selfie unfamiliar teenagers made on its smartphones.

Jones immediately decided that face, captured in the photographs belong to the kidnappers. She has published a post on his page in Facebook, attach photos and providing them a comment that contained a very savory expressions with respect to the smiling young people. The American asked the users to do the census to find the intruders.

Jones was extremely surprised that in less than a day note with four photos of thieves census of approximately 75,000 people. The next day, the number of shares increased to 110 000. At the moment photos of new iPhone owners have circulated the Internet about 130 000 users.

“I think they deserve to be prosecuted. Know that they can avoid harsh penalties, but they should learn that you can’t do that,” wrote the woman. He hopes that she will be able to find adolescents and return their iPhone.

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