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Steve Wozniak still not bought Apple Watch

Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak still got a “smart” clock Apple Watch. The businessman has issued an order for the novelty, but decided not to exercise their right to get the gadget without waiting and at a discount.

“I have not delivered,” said Wozniak at the conference, Freescale Technology Forum, dedicated to artificial intelligence. In an interview with John Dixon from Freescale, he shared his opinion about the device.

“Tim cook said that each employee receives a 50 percent discount on the Apple Watch, said Wozniak. Officially, I am a member of the Apple. I’m the only person whose name is on the payroll from the beginning. Somehow, even after the crash I did not cut out.”

Wozniak did not use the opportunity to save money and ordered the Apple Watch at full price. According to him, he was just too lazy to do. The engineer chose the version in the metal case and black strap for $1100.

“You do not buy the watch. You buy the strap. In the range of about 20 different Apple types of Apple Watch, but the difference between them is, in fact, only in thongs. And if you want to spend $600 for a strap, you can do it,” said the Who.

“The only way to get the real cost is to buy the gold version, joked Wozniak. – Costs $10 000. If you want strap on-best – pay $17 000. It’s like a gold Rolex. There it does not matter whether the clock”.

Wozniak doesn’t know how to use the Apple Watch. But suggests that they can be adapted for practical jokes on friends. And so in this case, he has always been a master.

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