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Steve Wozniak sees no point in buying the Apple Watch and other smart watches

A year since the start of sales of smart watches Apple Watch Apple founder Steve Wozniak considered a good opportunity to talk about their relationship to this unit and “smart” watches at all. Speaking at the conference Future Transport Summit in Sydney, he called the purchase of modern wearable devices is “optional” and listed the main disadvantages of such gadgets.

The biggest dissatisfaction of the Apple Watch at the Apple due to reliance hours from the iPhone. According to him, several times he forgot his smartphone at home and realized it only when I wanted to pay in the store. Although intelligent watch is equipped with a NFC module to complete the payment, they must be connected to the iPhone.

“They say that if you put the Apple logo on any device, people will get behind him in line – said Wozniak. – I think the Apple Watch should be able to do slightly more than that now.”

According to rumors, Apple is working on a second generation Apple Watch, which will have its own SIM card for Internet connection. Will the Chrono second generation fully Autonomous, is still unknown.

Buy Apple Watch, according to Wozniak, “brought into his life a few “whistles”,” the gadget he sees as a Bluetooth accessory for your iPhone. Apple’s co-founder has compared a modern “smart” watches with the first Bluetooth headsets, the owners of which looked rather silly. The same thing, according to Who, refers to the current smart clocks, which he called “optional purchase”.

Note that according to a recent study Fluent, 2,500 Americans, about 8% are owners of Apple Watch, another 8% have a smart watch another model. In other words, the gadget is Apple occupy half of the market “smart” hours in the USA.Most often Apple watch used for fitness.

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62% of owners of Apple Watch are planning to buy the next model of these “smart” hours. 46% of device owners say that they would buy them because of the convenience, 31 per cent because of the functions.

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