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Steve Wozniak said that will happen with Apple in 2075

This week in California will host a conference ComicCon, whose main theme will be “the Future of humanity: where we get to the year 2075?” One of the participants stated co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak. In an interview with USA Today Who said that future Apple, Google and Facebook.

According to Wozniak, Apple has so many funds that it is not threatened, the company from Cupertino will be able to develop almost indefinitely. Apple can invest in anything and succeed, I’m sure the engineer.

“Apple will survive very long, he said. — How IBM, which was founded in 1911. Let’s see how much money Apple (approx. about $246 billion). The Corporation can invest in anything. The same applies to Google and Facebook”.

Wozniak is no stranger to predictions. In 1982, he foresaw the advent of personal computers, which size will be no more notebook. And he has no less a clear picture on how are we going to live 58 years.

Speaking about the development of technology in General, Wozniak said that in 2075 doctors will replace the system of artificial intelligence that will be able to make diagnoses and prescribe medication.

Will change the face of the planet on which we live. In the future, in place of deserts will be new domed city, said Wozniak. Housing problems will not be, the person will be surrounded by intelligent devices with artificial intelligence.

Mars, in his opinion, to 2075 will be colonized and adapted for heavy industry, and on Earth will be more space for the sleeping areas. But the contact with aliens Who were skeptical – in his opinion the probability of finding “little green men” is very small.

However, Wozniak noted that the forecasts – a thankless task. 10 years ago no one could have predicted the rise of services like Uber. “This shows how exciting the future can be,” said co-founder of Apple.

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