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Steve Wozniak praised the Galaxy S8 and called the Apple Watch an indispensable device

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak gave an interview to Cnet in which he touched on several pressing issues. The businessman praised the new Galaxy S8 and spoke about the benefits of “smart” watches Apple Watch.

Speaking of modern technology, Who said that he believes in the future of electric cars. Have him stand in the garage the Tesla Model S and Chevy Bolt.

“I think a great idea to make them more accessible to ordinary consumers. I always try to make things more affordable. That’s why I like Tesla Model 3. But look at the final package, which is probably what you want. How much is it? It will be a Model 3 for $35 000 or a Model 3 for $60,000?”, – said Wozniak.

Discussing games, Wozniak said, do not underestimate the video game market. It is a computer game, in his opinion, are the powerhouse of the industry. As a result, benefit ordinary PC users.

Discussing “smart” watches Apple Watch, the Apple co-founder called them an indispensable device.

“They do so much useful for me. Many people say, “I don’t need a watch, they don’t do anything that would not make my phone”. But this thing has saved my life. There are calls from unknown numbers – I put the phone directly on the watch. Come notice and I immediately know what happened. Can reply to a mail message, check the weather and even use the navigation on the clock.

I use Apple Pay, the most convenient payment system from all that I’ve seen from Apple Watch. I don’t need to get out of his pocket – no wallet, no cash, no phone. Rest assured, as soon as they appear in your life, you will understand that they are also functional as a computer.”

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Speaking about the next Apple smartphone, Wozniak said that now the market a lot of good models and companies will be difficult to find a truly revolutionary idea. He praised the new flagship of Samsung.

“Finally, something original after all these years. That at one time made iPhone? He said that the entire phone can be screen with the exception of a couple of buttons. And now comes the Galaxy S8 and he’s not even Home keys. One continuous display,” said Wozniak.

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