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Steve Wozniak: I would take the robotics, if it were a young

Apple cofounder, engineer and inventor Steve Wozniak often speaks out about those different phenomena in the IT industry, trends and trends. In a recent interview with PCWorld Wozniak said, as relates to robotics and education, and whoever he was, if not participated in creating the “Apple” of the Empire.

According to Wozniak, if he was now young, would devote his professional career robotics. The who noted that it would be tempting to develop a robot that could, he found himself in an unfamiliar home or apartment, to find the kitchen and make coffee, focusing in an unfamiliar environment without prior information training.

“The revolt of the machines” Wozniak is not afraid because he believes that the improvement of robots will take a very long time. Thus in the foreseeable future “rebellion” does not threaten us, because the machine will need a person.

Regarding the question of who would Wozniak, if not participated in the creation of Apple, according to the businessman, he could of life to work as an engineer in HP. At least Steve tried to get in the Corporation permanent job, participated in the development of calculators of this brand, but the relevant personnel decisions were not taken.

Fate decided otherwise – he met Steve jobs persuaded Wozniak to “monetize” their talents. Sam Wozniak at that time was guided by the desire to make money. They even designed the first computers he was allowed to play to everyone free of charge, relying only on the recognition of their engineering talent, not the money.

Wozniak recently invested in a startup developing robots Ripcord

Speaking about the problems of modern education, Wozniak called the rule of motivation on knowledge imposed by books or teachers. If a child wants to know something, he will. Teaching kids programming is important too, but you have to at least wait until they are 12 years old. At this age, the intellect of a teenager, according to Wozniak, is ready to accept programming.

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