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Steve Wozniak: Apple Watch is released is not the company that once changed the world

The Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak spoke with the users of the forum Reddit, sharing their attitude towards the present Corporation, its CEO Tim cook and “smart” Watch Apple Watch.

Specifically, with regard to the company he created with Steve jobs, then, according to the Who, today is not the company which was once. Apple’s co-founder doubts the correctness of the decision by Tim cook to get in the segment of wearable devices because it strongly rassredotochit the efforts of top management and the marketing Department.

“I really like the Apple watch. But the creation of this gadget took us to the jewelry market where people are willing to pay for the hours from 1 500 to 100 dollars depending on how important they feel,” explained the Creator of the first Apple computers.

Steve Wozniak wears the Apple Watch, last week he appeared with “smart” clock on the show American comedian Conan O’brien.

“The only difference is the straps. 20 models of watches priced between 500 to 1100 dollars. Different straps and all? Well, it’s not what Apple was, and definitely not the company that radically changed the world,” added Wozniak.

In one of the replies Wozniak spoke about the current CEO of Apple in a very positive way. “I fully support Tim cook, because every update to iOS I experience the joy of changes, affecting people,” he wrote.

Has not done without discussion of the event that the media dubbed as “Apple vs the FBI”. “It’s dangerous, very dangerous things. If you can create a code to crack the Apple gadgets, without a doubt, it can be used for evil sooner or later” – says Wozniak.

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