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Steve Ballmer: to defeat iOS, mobile Windows needs to support Android applications

According to former head Microsoft Steve Ballmer, compatibility with applications for Android — the success of smartphones and tablets running on Windows 10 and the key to the victory platform in the mobile market. Note that Ballmer is not the head of the company and even came out of the Board of Directors, but he remains the largest shareholder of software company, but because the current leaders can’t ignore his words.

So Steve Ballmer responded to the statement by the current head of Microsoft Satya of Nadella at the annual meeting of shareholders, which took place on 2 December. During the meeting, Nadella indicated that mobile devices on Windows mobile 10 does not support popular applications, existing in versions for other platforms, and asked how Microsoft plans to act in this situation. The CEO responded by saying that the current strategy is to make universal apps for all platforms of the company.

Satya Nadella said that the company is focused on universal software that works on PC, tablets and smartphones and focus on Technopark potentially more than just phones. According to Ballmer, this approach does not benefit with portable gadgets from Microsoft. He believes that it won’t work, but support for Android apps will help Windows Phone to keep up with competitors by the number of programs.

In response, Microsoft officials said they regularly communicate with Ballmer and listen to his opinion, as is the case with reviews of other shareholders.

Ballmer resigned as Microsoft CEO in 2013 and remained on the Board of Directors of the company until August 2014. He was appointed CEO in 2000 and eventually headed Microsoft in 2009. The company he came in June 1980 at the invitation of its founder bill gates, with whom he studied at Harvard University.

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