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Stealth-action game Hitman first came out on Mac, the first episode is available for free

As expected, the Mac debuted the legendary stealth-action Hitman. For porting game Studio responsible Feral Interactive, the efforts of which macOS has previously released BioShock, Company of Heroes 2 and Borderlands.

The action in Hitman revolves around a professional Hitman codenamed Agent 47. In most locations, the task of eliminating one or few enemies. The player can choose how the task to perform — or to destroy enemies from a firearm, or to act covertly.

Studio IO Interactive, who created a spy Thriller, is suggested primary episode Hitman free for all. This is not the action with a limited duration. This first level, Playground, available free for download and installation on Steam. The level includes two story missions, two contracts in the “Aggravation”, and more than 40 tests. The gamer can obtain 17 achievements.

Hitman was previously only available for consoles and Windows PC. Now the game only works on a Mac with AMD graphics cards, but in Feral promise to add support for Intel and Nvidia.

The first episode of Hitman, as already mentioned, available for free. But all the conservation and the progress will be migrated to the full version in the case of purchase.

During the week, will sell the entire first season Hitman at a discount of 60% — free first level will help to understand in advance whether to spend money on the game. In the Russian Steam game is available for 505 rubles.

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