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Statistics say that girls reject guys with Android

15.02.2017 0 Comments

The love of Android can cause loneliness, concluded the researchers. The owners of iPhone a lot more chances of successful acquaintance.


Statistics say that girls reject guys with Android

Experts set out to find out what reduces the chances of modern men for success while Dating. With this purpose, we conducted a large-scale survey. It turned out that one of the most unfortunate options is the use of smartphones on the Android operating system. For many girls, this is a negative factor and is a sign of poverty, which means their owners will not call for a second date.

It is noteworthy that the price of an Android device, girls are not important, and often unknown, so the use of expensive models does not solve the situation. This trend is particularly noticeable if the girl uses an iPhone.


No less dangerous in this situation and broken smartphone screen. Noticing this, 86% of girls will not agree to a second date or try faster to leave first.

Statistics say that girls reject guys with Android

And if you own an Android smartphone with a broken screen, then your chances of a good first date tend to zero.



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