Starting May 25, Moscow will begin to mitigate the regime of self-isolation

Starting May 25, Moscow will begin to mitigate the regime of self-isolation

From Monday, May 25, Moscow begins to soften the restrictions imposed during the regime of self-isolation. This was reported by the site of Sergei Sobyanin.

What will start to work?

Mitigations will not be as strong as many would like. 88 My Documents centers will start working. But their visit is possible only by appointment on the site

Car sharing will work again. But the minimum period for which you can take a car is five days. It’s still not possible to take a car for a few hours or a day.

On this relief comes to an end.

What else?

Gloves and masks must be worn at train stations and at all railway facilities (that is, at stations, ticket offices, vestibules, pedestrian crossings, on platforms, etc.).

In Moscow, digital badges issued in the Moscow region cease to operate. From today, the necessary passes can be obtained remotely by residents of any of the regions.

All employers will be required to retain the largest number of employees working remotely.

When will all restrictions be removed?

Hard to say. There are no accurate forecasts. For example, I suppose that in Moscow life will become more or less free in late June – early July. But in the regions, judging by the dynamics, everything is just beginning, so there restrictions can begin to re-enter and remove them closer to the fall.

But, of course, we hope for an early correction of the situation, since everyone is already tired of this terrible tyagomotin.

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