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Started selling the “cheapest in the world” smart bulbs Qube with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Company Qube intends to press the leading manufacturers of smart lighting systems with a new model of the bulb, which competes in the market due to simplicity and low price. The creators of the product called novelty “the cheapest in the world smartest light bulb”.

Raising funds for the release of the device was launched in November 2015 and to begin deliveries promised in April 2016. Thus, the developers fulfilled his promise, albeit with a delay of three quarters. At the same time on the official website of the project we have started accepting orders for light bulbs. The first Qube will receive the participants of the program of collective funding.

Qube supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE. The developers of the bulb say that it can be used in an existing lighting system, turning it into “smart” at no additional cost. Thanks to the wireless connectivity, Qube can be controlled from a mobile device, changing the brightness and color of light (available to 16 million shades).

Qube is permanently connected to the router, so it can be controlled using iPhone apps, Apple Watch, and Android smartphones. The lamp creates a luminous flux of 800 LM, which is comparable with the incandescent lamp of 60 watts.

The product can play the music, reacting to the audio being played back on a mobile device. Also available alarm clock function and a reminder that we should take an umbrella if the mobile app will see rain in the weather forecast. The lamp can be automatically turned on when the user enters the room. In addition, the app notifies you that the light was still on, though no one is home.

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The cost of Qube on the manufacturer’s website is $24. During the January discount of $5.

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