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Started. Roskomnadzor is attempting to block Telegram

As stated earlier, the Telegram was not passed to the Roskomnadzor encryption keys according to the previous decision of the court. The administration of the messenger explained this is a technical impossibility.

On the website of Roskomnadzor said that the Agency filed suit in the Tagansky district court of Moscow for blocking of Telegram in the country.

On 20 March it became known that Telegram 15 days to transfer public authority encryption keys, Pavel Durov wrote on Twitter:

“Threats to block the Telegram, if we are not going to share private user data. Telegram will defend the freedom and privacy of users.”

Lock individual resources and means of communication in the country — not a unique case. Users from from Iran, China and many other countries have long learned to go to your favorite or required to work resources via VPN. In this article we have described several methods to bypass the lock Telegram, if the Tagansky district court of Moscow will decide in favor of Roskomnadzor.

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Personal comment of the author

A few days ago the head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov said that the terrorists in Russia are messengers. As noted by one of the authors of the comments to this news, “most of them and toilets used by”. The problem is that Telegram is not the only messenger with encryption.

If Telegram will block our editors within 10 minutes will be able to switch to another messenger. What would prevent the terrorists to do the same, if the actor will agree to give the encryption keys?

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