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Starbucks and KFC will start to accept Apple Pay

Starbucks, the largest coffee chain in the world, actively using new technologies, will introduce the payment via Apple Pay in some stores already in 2015 and will make such an option available in all 7 500 branches of its network in the US by the end of 2016. Next year’s payment services will also support the restaurant chain KFC and Chili’s. It is reported PaySpaceMagazine with reference to the statement of the head of payments Department Apple is Jennifer Bailey.

American coffee chain Starbucks has long developed its own platform for mobile payments. To pay for beverages by smartphone users should be tied to a mobile app my Starbucks bonus card, which can be replenished by credit card. This payment system is inferior to Apple Pay in the first place because only works at Starbucks, and secondly, because carries out the payment via a QR code and not NFC.

The restaurant chain plans to install contactless terminals, compatible with the payment system Apple Pay in all of its cafes by the end of 2016.

Contactless payment system Apple will compete with its own mobile payment system for Starbucks.

A year ago Apple Pay has begun to take in 220,000 stores across the United States. Today a smartphone to pay in 1 million U.S. retail outlets. In addition to Starbucks this week to accept payments with your iPhone connected restaurants KFC and Chili’s To the end of the year, Apple expects to expand the network of acquiring up to 1.5 million merchants.

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