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Square Enix has released the world’s first RPG for the Apple Watch [video]

About the gaming capabilities of the Apple Watch wasn’t kidding just lazy. On the tiny screen, you can view messages and events in the calendar, but the game s are something beyond. The more interesting it looks the decision of Square Enix to create a full-fledged role-playing game for the wearable device.

Cosmos Rings is kind of a spin-off of the mobile franchise Chaos Rings, which comes out for mobile devices on iOS and Android and the PlayStation Vita. The game mechanics of the game involve the use of Apple Watch built-in pedometer, and a digital crown the Digital Crown to control various game elements and time travel.

The plot of the game goddess of time is lost and time stands still. The gamer has to wander through endless space called the Rift and fight the enemies who want to stop time forever, in an attempt to save the goddess time and again to run the course of time.

The battle in the Cosmos Rings take place automatically, but a gamer can receive a special additional skills for them in a certain time. Depending on the day of the passed steps, the user receives a special message.

The team of developers of the project included several veterans of the Chaos Rings. The art Director of the project was the Usc of Nahor, known for Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X, Type-0 and XV. Naor also was character designer for the loop mobile RPG, with which the novelty is obviously connected name. The game producer is Takehiro Ando, writer – Yukinori Kitajima.

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Cosmos Rings can be downloaded in the App Store at a price of 459 rubles. The first three days after the release discount will apply.

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