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Spy software Hacking Team poses no threat to iPhone

Since hacking the computer network of the company Hacking Team, it took several days, but researchers continue to find interesting details in stolen corporate documents published by unknown hackers.

After hacking the servers of the Italian company Hacking Team that develop the system of surveillance of users on the Internet were published 400 GB private documents. Studied these data, experts have found that the firm owns Apple enterprise certificate authorizing to develop internal applications, however, prohibit to install spyware on devices running iOS.

The German expert Ralf-Philipp Weinmann published on Twitter the details of the certificate issued by Apple company Hacking Team. This certificate allowed the Italians to sign applications for iOS and OS X, and distribute them among your employees. Although the certificate is not given the right Hacking Team to publish its application in the App Store, it still gave her the appearance of legitimacy in the eyes of other software manufacturers, Securitylab reports.

Participation in the program Apple Developer Enterprise allows enterprises, educational institutions and other developers to build and sign applications for iOS and OS X, designed for internal use. Apple employees monitor all developers who create apps for the App Store, and also check the programmes on integrity and security. In the past Apple was not withdrawn their certificates for a variety of reasons and, as reported by Weinmann, the company cancelled the certificate issued by the Hacking Team.

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