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Sports photographer refused “SLR” in favor of the iPhone 6s Plus

Edition Birdinflight has published material about American sports photographer brad Mangina, who refused to use a professional camera in favor of the iPhone 6s Plus. Photojournalist shared his thoughts about the merits of mobile photography.

Sports shooting mangina has been doing for two decades: he was able to work on many major competitions, including, for example, the Superbowl and the Olympics. All this time he used a familiar photojournalist for the equipment, but recently decided to switch completely to mobile photography: in his words, this decision allows him to make shots that would be impossible to obtain with an SLR camera.

The mangina recognizes that the possibility of the iPhone is largely limited, but at the same time this way of shooting allows you to tell stories of a completely different order: for example, getting access to areas, getting the bulky equipment would be hampered. He also notes that before the iPhone, people behave much more openly and naturally, that also simplifies the work of the photojournalist.

Important advantages of using the iPhone mangina also calls the ability to quickly edit the resulting photos and their prompt dispatch to the publications and customers.

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