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Spoon of tar in barrel of honey: should I buy a new Apple TV

Apple TV fourth generation has many advantages, but one drawback – voice control system in Russia does not work.

New digital media player Apple connects to your TV and lets you view movies and photos and listen to music and podcasts. The company produces its eight years, now on sale: the model of the fourth generation.

Previously, the Apple TV project was for Apple’s more of a hobby, now is a full-blown representative of the “Apple” of the family. The company claims that Apple TV fourth generation is a revolution in the world of television. However, after you use the device for a week, to agree with this statement is quite difficult. At least the citizen of Russia. At what here Russia?

First, the advantages of Apple TV. The company took a big step forward, leaving behind such competitors as popular in the U.S. Roku players and Amazon Fire TV. Updated the look of the device and its updated software: now the player uses its own operating system tvOS, which is much more convenient previous iOS.

Externally, the Apple TV looks very nice, management by remote control is intuitively clear to the user. The new operating system allows you to install for free or buy for money app, which is now about 3000. Most of them are games, because Apple TV can be used as a gaming console. In addition, among the applications you can find such popular video hosting like YouTube and Vimeo, multimedia platform Netflix, search engines, online shops and much more.

The main feature

A key innovation in Apple TV fourth generation, is the possibility of voice control device. The remote control is a microphone with a program called Siri recognizes English commands such as “Show me latest comedy movies” (show me the last Comedy) or “Show me movies with Keanu Reeves” (show me movies with Keanu Reeves).

The number of teams that is able to identify the program Siri, is very high and not restricted template set, which was, for example, TVs with voice control a few years ago. This truly makes the Apple TV a revolutionary product.

While Siri can search for data in other applications, for example, is known worldwide database of films IMDb. In addition, Siri can request to tell us the weather or even the price of the shares on the stock exchange.

A little more about good. As has been said, Apple TV can replace the game console. While the device certainly cannot compete with such giants of the gaming industry, as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but will allow an inexperienced user to enjoy different games. The control in the games is with the remote, and Apple TV is very similar to the Nintendo Wii video game console.

Apple TV easily interacts with other products and services: through it you can view your photos with iCloud, listen to music and watch movies using iTunes. Most of the movies are translated into many languages, or at least contains a user needs subtitles. When this service is listening to music or watching movies paid. If you want to take the movie rental (access to it is open for some time), it will cost 99 roubles. If you want to buy the movie and watch it anytime, it will cost 299 or 349 rubles.

Of course, with Apple TV you can watch movies and free. For example, to install the Plex app. But it also requires you to install on your computer to the server of this app, which for a beginner can be a difficult task.

Does not work in Russia

As mentioned at the beginning, it has one drawback. And it might be crucial to potential buyers. So, it’s a revolutionary program voice control Siri in Russia is not working. Now it is only available in Australia, Canada, England, USA, Germany, France, Spain and Japan.

Even if you choose to set one of these countries, it will not help. Account Apple TV users are tied to the iTunes account, which, in turn, requires registration of a credit card. It is for the credit card system and detects what country you are from.

So, at least now, the Russian users to experience the benefits of voice control is unable. This is especially insulting if to consider that similar voice control system has been working in Russia for iPhone and iPad. With limitations, but it works. On Apple TV it does not work at all. While this information is hard to find in the Internet, as most of the reviews on the web are written by experts from those countries where the voice control system operates.

Hope it’s only a matter of time when our country it will be possible to control your Apple TV using voice commands. However, if the transition period drags on, the competitors will have a great opportunity to occupy a vacant niche. Yes, the number of apps in Apple TV for a long time will be more impressive than similar devices of competitors, but now many smart TVs have the ability to connect to the most popular ones.

Is it worth buying?

Perhaps Apple TV previous generation could buy those (if you haven’t already done so), to whom fundamentally not a presence in the console the built-in app store, games and all kinds of “bells and whistles” in the form of Siri and universal search. These users play multimedia content from local media and streaming content from iPhone and iPad.

The novelty is designed for those who are interested in the idea with apps and games on Apple TV, the new remote control is more convenient and the audio format 7.1. A key disadvantage of the device for Russian users is the lack of support for Siri and, as a consequence, all the advantages of voice control. For some it can be a decisive factor when choosing a smart solution for Seating.

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