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“Spleen”: fundamentally we shoot videos on the iPhone [video]

Group “spleen” has released a video for the song “She was so beautiful”, shot entirely on the iPhone. According to the leader of the group Alexander Vasiliev, he has failed to find any decent Director.

“Spleen” filmed the song “She was so beautiful.” Musicians do not have to invest significant budget in creating videos, taking off in smartphone his tory in the performance of the group’s leader, Alexander Vasilyev and dressed in women’s skeleton jacket. The plot of the video his characters dancing in one of St. Petersburg roofs, smoke, leaning on the fence, and in the final Vasilyev throws his “partner” from the roof, taking her flight a joyful gesture.

“We withdrew the clip. This is another video shot on the iPhone, only this time we painted the picture in the computer. And so, shot on iPhone, new iPhone. Anything else we didn’t use, didn’t invite any professionals with their settings sharpness, white balance,” – said Vasilyev in “Behind the scenes” “OUR radio”.

“All this angry. As they may not adjust, is still the result of their lousy, reptiles. I just cannot find any decent Director, maybe with a few exceptions. Some clips I still like. And then, at some point it became clear to me that to remove the clips also wonder how to write songs. It is also a creative process, he captured me and all, I can’t stop!”, — said Vasilyev.

According to Alexander Vasiliev, he will continue to shoot iPhone video for the song from the album “cipher”, Metropolitan presentation of which will take place this Friday.

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