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Sphero started selling managed with the iPhone droid from “Star wars” [video]

Ahead of the release of the film “Star wars: the force Awakening” company Sphero has announced toy droid BB-8. Controlled with iPhone gadget is sold through the manufacturer’s website for the price of 149,99 dollars.

BB-8 is a modernized version of the classic ball Sphero. The main features of the new product provides the application on the smartphone, through which controlled toy. Using mobile programs to operate the droid in manual mode or voice commands, to see the projected robot “holograms” in augmented reality (only on the smartphone screen) or send it yourself to explore the world – in the latter case, BB-8 will be skating around different objects interacting with some of them.

The sales droid was launched on 4 September. Controlled robot from your phone to iOS and Android. At first, BB-8 will not be compatible with other Sphero apps, most of which are educational, but the company promises that the company will collaborate with Disney and Lucasfilm to expand functionality of the gadget.

The droid BB-8 will first appear in the film “Star wars: the force Awakening”, it can be seen in the official trailer. In previous episodes of this droid was not. World premiere of the seventh episode will take place on 15 December 2015, Russia — December 17.

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