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Spellon role – playing game old school

Just think for a second – when was the last time you saw an old-school role-playing game? No, not super-expensive and palisandro “the Witcher”, not casual and gutted Dragon Age (especially the last part), but a real RPG – where no leads on the handle, where everything is roughly and the canons of the genre? Most likely, long ago; most likely not on mobile. Both paragraphs, however, will not be relevant if Spellon download – real role-playing game from Russian developer.

Background in Spellon simple, but enjoyable for the genre: a simple farmer suddenly (but not yourself!) became a powerful mage. And in a fantasy world it’s simple – he called himself a magician, cut the evil spirits. Well, our magician entered into an uneven battle with all sorts of reptiles.

Spellon is geographically divided into 11 chapters; each one has its own that is called the atmosphere. The first Chapter is a soulful, melancholic autumnal woods, which could come only from the pen of a Russian man; if not a fictional universe, and the landscape of suburban trains. The second Chapter is a classic for rolevok dungeon: dangerous bats, boxes of good and many, many forks in the road. Further, it is not less interesting; the designer knew what they were doing.

In the midst of this beauty – uncompromising battle mage with hordes of evil. The magician has three types of spells: Destruction, Energy and Life. Attacking, the spells can be alternated, literally depriving the enemy of space: first to set fire to him, then run him in the hurricane, but in the end is to deprive soil underfoot.

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As befits any decent role-playing game, the character grows in levels and with each increasing – gets a new point for the development of their magical abilities. You can pump not only the basic ability of some of the branches (all the same fire, earth and air) but also get the skill inside skills. For example, to teach the mage not only to spit fireballs, but to do it so that the earth around was on fire. In short, to spend earned points is where; mage grows up to 110-th level, which means a lot of development options.

Sometimes the monsters drop interesting things – then do not be lazy to check in the inventory. The magician can wear: give him another staff (with impressive performance), a new necklace, ring and bracelet on his hand. Each item is attached a booster to the indicators; the principle of Diablo in Spellon works fine. However, itemization is still less – Spellon should be attributed more to the classic role-playing works.

Spellon looks though simple, but effectively – worth only to run into the air spells. Explosions, fire, ashes, and crack the earth – all this pleases the eye. The game, however, is not selective for a comfortable stay, a regular iPhone 5 phone almost four years ago.

Is game by mobile standards it’s not cheap, but the measure here is not quite true: after all, we’re talking about full-fledged RPG of the old school and such now and the computers do not. So looking at the price tag, keep in mind – for the money you will be a big adventure for a dozen hours. Perhaps all is fair.

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