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Spellbinders – MOBA for speed

All mobile MOBA has one, but significant disadvantage: they are copied from older counterparts. Vainglory, The Witcher: Battle Arena and other representatives – all tracing paper, scratch and quite good. Therefore, the Spellbinders release was expected with special impatience – finally, we have a single instance of the genre, created specifically for mobile. The game was released, and now you can say – Yes, Spellbinders really born for your iPhones and ipedo. With all the ensuing.

Spellbinders done in collaboration with the authors with Subway Surfer’s, and it is felt at once – signature style, accessible gameplay, high addictiveness and a hard donut. Game mechanics are simple, though in the retelling looks hard. You have the buildings connected by three paths with the same build of the opponent. In the middle of the map there are three (number of roads) guns, which need to capture. This is done easily – you hire the unit, released one of the tracks, he reaches the gun, takes it under control, goes further. If you manage to reach the house of the enemy, that would be great – the more damage you will inflict, the better. Goal is to zero out the numbers of the opponent located at the top of the screen faster than it will reset your.

The army is recruited by mana points – this resource is resumed, but slowly: after spending all day on the steel-clad knight, you long time (by local standards) will sit in waiting. Meanwhile on the other two tracks will run a lightweight scouts, and take by storm your fortress. To affect the battle, of course, you can still personal spells and other things, but this is, again, the consumption of resources – which then may not be enough.

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The main feature of Spellbinders – it is extremely high rate. You shuffle units one after another, trying to keep track of right behind the three branches of events: to clean it up, here to release a “tank”, and to equip here a few scouts. Wards die in combat for a few seconds and, in General, do not last long; it is necessary to follow the map every second.

Especially in multiplayer – the single coil mode here soon for training and warm-up. Online opponents do not stand on ceremony and make tarried player’s feet for a few moments – blink of an eye. But the brighter taste of victory, and the rating of various leagues, has not been canceled.

However, without micropayments is nothing to do – you can be Usain Bolt and Oliver Cromwell all rolled into one, but still nothing will come of it: paying players simply will not give a turn. There is no shame – in the end, Kiloo Games are always so – you simply need to know that free including will.

And the rest – bright, high-speed and high-quality game that will live long in your phone if you are at all inclined to play MOBA. Truly mobile: we have taken account of all the nuances of the platform and therefore, for example, battles rarely last longer than five minutes, and on the development of gameplay it takes about 30 seconds – less than reading this article. Ideal, in General, an instance for fans of online micromanagement.

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