specifications, release dates and prices

It seems that the output of Apple smart glasses is closer than we think. At least, according to blogger and insider John Prosser (Jon Prosser), who shared a new piece of information about the long-awaited device.

Apple Glass glasses are fully disclosed: specifications, release dates and prices

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According to Prosser, the announcement of Apple smart glasses, conventionally referred to as Apple Glass, will be the largest event in the wearable electronics market since the release of the first Apple Watch. Moreover, their debut will take place this year. Prosser says Apple Glass is likely to be introduced with the iPhone 12. But they will go on sale much later. At best, they will be available for purchase in the fourth quarter of 2021, and at worst in the first or second quarter of 2022. So much time Apple needs to bring to mind the software for the new device.

Apple Glass should get a convenient lightweight design that will allow them to be used for a long time without inconvenience. They will be made in the style of classic glasses with plastic or metal arches. The gadget will receive a single transparent display, a LiDAR scanner and wireless charging, like the Apple Watch. At the same time, to fully work, you will need to connect to the iPhone, since the glasses themselves will have a low-power processor installed. This approach will not only make glasses easier, but also increase their autonomy. But Apple Glass will not have cameras for privacy reasons, at least for the first generation. Points management will be carried out using gestures and company QR-codes of Gobi.

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As for the cost of Apple Glass, then Apple should pleasantly surprise us. According to Prosser, Apple smart glasses will go on sale for as low as $ 499.

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